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Walmart employees fight with customers



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Two Walmart employees reportedly got into a dispute with two customers and their children.

The parents of the children told deputies the employees reportedly began yelling and cussing at their children for “doing nothing but sitting on the motorized shopping carts.” As the employees were yelling, the parents stepped in began yelling at the employees.

After the yelling stopped, the parents then checked out and the deputy showed up.

The employees said they received complaints about the children riding on the shopping carts, throwing items and being loud.

They took the carts away, but the children followed them and said they would retrieve the carts as soon as they were put back.

As the employees were talking to another witness, the children reportedly approached them and began yelling and cussing at the employees and then their parents joined in.

The manager said she would review the footage and didn’t want to press charges. She recommended the families leave and not return.

The families were given a criminal trespass warning and left the store. No arrest was made due to lack of witnesses, no video footage and Walmart’s unwillingness to prosecute.

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