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Delays anticipated mailing city property tax bills



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Alpharetta residents, who normally receive their property tax bills in early October may have to wait a few more days before notifications are sent out.

Alpharetta Finance Director Tom Harris told members of the City Council recently that delays in the county assessment process this summer, means tax bills would likely be delayed until later in October. The bills will have a due date for payment sometime in December.

City officials confirmed this week the tax bills would likely be issued on or around Oct. 15.

“Normally, we send out our bills Oct. 1 with a due date for Dec. 1,” Harris said. “Due to the delay from the county and the reassessment process, that has delayed the trickle-down to the school board and any others setting their millage rates.”

Before tax bills can be issued, Harris said, all taxing jurisdictions must set their tax rates. The county must then submit all the documentation to the state Department of Revenue for certification.

The property tax process was thrown for a loop this year in Fulton County after the Assessor’s Office sent out revised notices to homeowners in the spring. The new higher assessments sparked a wave of protests from many property owners who saw the value of their homes climb by more than 50 percent.

In all, 60 percent of homeowners saw at least a 13 percent increase.

The protests spurred the Fulton County Commission to rescind the new appraisals in late June and revert back to 2016 assessed values.

The juggling created confusion among cities and the school district at a time when they were trying to set their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

In Alpharetta, the City Council usually adopts its tax rate – or mill levy – in late June, just days ahead of its new fiscal year, July 1.

This year, however, the mill levy wasn’t adopted until Sept. 25, nearly three months after the fiscal year began.

Alpharetta officials say that the delay in billing will not adversely affect fiscal operations.

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