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Woman bilked out of $3,100



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A woman answering an online popup ad lost $3,100, but she later was able to help police in St. Louis find a suspect who admitted to the swindle.

The woman said that on Sept. 22, she was surfing the internet when she saw an advertisement pop up asking if she wanted to make extra money. She clicked on the link and provided her personal information.

The next day, a package arrived in the mail with instructions to cash the enclosed $3,100 check, use the money to buy five $520 money orders and send them to an address in St. Louis. If she followed the directions, the letter said she would be compensated $3,100.

After she performed the task, the woman received an alert from her bank telling her that the cashed check was fake. She then contacted police in the area of the provided address to inform them about the fraud.

She later met with officers in St. Louis to speak to a man calling himself Tony Wilson who had admitted to the incident. The woman was advised to contact Johns Creek police to report the scam.

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