45 townhomes approved for Houze Road

Roswell Council approves conditional use



ROSWELL, Ga. — The Roswell City Council is allowing conditional use for 45 townhomes to be built on Houze Road.

The council voted almost unanimously Monday night for the mixed-use development, with only Councilmember Marcelo Zapata opposing.

The location for the townhomes is near the corner of Houze Road and Houze Way, with the Sprouts shopping center to the south and the Acura Car Dealership to the east.

The vote passed with four conditions outlined by Councilman Mike Palermo:
• The owner/developer shall install a 20-foot landscape buffer along the property line by the Sprouts shopping center.
• The internal road for the townhouse development shall not be located within the 20 foot landscape buffer.
• The owner/developer shall install an 8 foot sidewalk along Houze Road all the way up to Houze Way.
• The owner/developer shall install a vehicular trail to the property line from the Sprouts shopping center.

These four conditions are in addition to the existing eight outlined in the resolution. The conditions were added to help minimize sound disturbances from the surrounding businesses and to allow easy access to the shops for residents.

Zapata said that he was concerned about how the townhomes would create additional traffic in the area.

According to the applicant, Curtis Hicks, the project is estimated to bring in about 90 additional cars to the roadway with minimal impact to existing traffic.

Hicks added that the townhomes, which are designed for an “in-town feel,” are expected to bring in mostly young professionals and empty nesters to the area, not large families.

“From the standpoint of traffic generation, this site will create substantially less traffic than it would if it was developed as commercial, which it is currently zoned,” Mayor Jere Wood said. “It’s comparing apples to oranges.”

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