Avalon resident living ‘perfect year’



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Lindsay Marie is living the good life. She has an apartment in Avalon and spends her days shopping in all the stores and eating in all the restaurants.

Lindsay is Avalon’s Perfect Year winner. She was picked from hundreds of hopefuls to live rent-free for a year at Haven, Avalon’s luxury apartments, and spend her days living life to the fullest, all while blogging, vlogging, Tweeting and shooting pictures of one of North Atlanta’s hottest properties.

“I try to show what my life at Avalon is like,” Lindsay said. “I make sure I show it off and showcase all the great things here.”

She first heard about Avalon on the radio in her hometown of Clarkesville, Georgia, a small town in North Georgia.

“I didn’t know anything about Alpharetta,” she said. “But I knew I had to do this.”

She made a video showing Avalon and community voters why she should win the contest. As a 21-year-old millennial, she is well-versed in social media and has her own YouTube channel for fashion videos.

She said this probably helped her chances.

It also helps that she is an aspiring photographer, currently taking classes to work (hopefully) in the fashion industry.

In December 2014, she was in the top three contestants. Then they named the winner.

“They said my name and I hit the floor,” she said.

Her days are spent living in the lap of luxury. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment overlooking downtown Avalon. When she wakes up, she hits one of the exercise spots – Exhale or Flywheel, which in itself shows just how much the experience is already changing her lifestyle.

“I didn’t do much with fitness until I came here,” she said.

When a gym is just down the stairs, it’s hard to pass it up, she said.

After exercising, she gets breakfast

She said she often goes to Goldberg’s café for hot chocolate, which she says is the best she has ever had.

For the rest of the day, her schedule is fairly open – she can get a facial at the Cosmetic Market or get her hair done at DryBar. She can visit the Regal Cinemas movie theater before getting lunch at Bantu or Marlow’s Tavern.

Shopping at the many retailers can take up the afternoon until dinner. She can eat out at Kona Grill or Oak Steakhouse or eat in after visiting Whole Foods.

During all this, Lindsay is keeping an eye on what would make good blog material – pictures, video and people.

The biggest amenity of living at Avalon is how close everything is.

“Pinkberry is right out my window,” she said. “Everything is at my fingertips. I can experience everything and never have to leave.”

She walks everywhere, and all locations are just a few steps away from her front door.

In the evenings, she spends her time relaxing with the residents of Avalon. There are often events or simple meet-ups with her neighbors, all of whom share the same experience of living in Avalon.

“Anybody of any age will enjoy living here,” she said. “It has everything for everyone.”

To follow her adventures in Avalon, as well as to learn more about the venue itself, visit www.experienceavalon.com.

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