Man chases alleged burglar, catches him



MILTON, Ga. — A man was arrested for burglary Jan. 26 after one of the residents chased the man down to confront him.

A woman and her son had seen an unknown truck parked on their driveway, and when they went to investigate, they saw someone rummaging around in their barn. A man then left the barn, jumped into the truck and drove away.

The son, however, pursued, first running after the suspect to bang on the truck, and then getting in his own car to drive after him. He chased the man, later identified as 37-year-old David Lumus of Canton, to Cherokee County, where he blocked Lumus in a driveway to confront him.

The son wrote down Lumus’ information and tag number, since neither of them had a phone to call police.

Police used the information to locate Lumus and arrest him for burglary. During the arrest, police found that Lumus has a history of armed robbery and several thefts.

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