Positively looking forward to 2017



If the year 2016 were a type of candy, it’d be black licorice. At times it had a similar feel to realizing the sock in your shoe is wet. Or seeing a car just barely parked over the line in the parking lot of a busy store, taking up two spaces and leaving you nowhere to park your own car.

I think you get my point.

This year has not been our best. And because of that, it seems like everyone I know is ready for 2016 to be over. Honestly, with some of the events that took place, I really can’t blame them.

We saw devastation, destruction, death and despair. The year seemed longer than 366 days and felt like it would never end. Bad thing after bad thing kept occurring.

And being in the news business, we had our fair share of unpleasantness and therefore had to pass on the “bad news.” Sometimes we were blamed for the bad news we shared, as if we caused it.

With the final few days of 2016 upon us, it’s made me reflect on the year that will most likely be infamous.

But like rain on your wedding day, thought by some to be lucky, or the Chicago Cubs’ losing streak, which ended this year, there is always a silver lining and curses usually come to an end.

Yes, 2016 had its bad moments, probably more than many other years. But we are forgetting all the beauty, love, joy and positivity that come after tragedy.

Mr. Rodgers once said his mother would tell him, after seeing scary things on the news, “look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

If we can learn anything positive from 2016, I think that’s it. When there were shootings or bombings or fires, the heroes and helpers were there.

Donations poured in and resources were readily available for those in need. People opened their hearts and wallets to total strangers, in a generous effort to help.

As a human race, we can mark this year as a growing pain and do what we do best, learn from it, grow and move on.

There were so many positive things that happened this year. We can’t let the bad times create dark clouds over the bright spots.

If anything, this year should push us to be better in all that we do, so we don’t repeat our mistakes.

I’m using the lessons I’ve learned from this year for my New Year’s resolutions.

I will try to be kinder, more patient, lend an ear when needed and love my fellow people.

T.S. Elliot once said, “For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice.”

So, here’s to you, 2017. May your voice be one of hope, happiness and love.

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