Roswell launches new development projects map



ROSWELL, Ga. — Residents with questions about ongoing city projects need worry no more. The city of Roswell has recently created an interactive online map to provide citizens with information on all ongoing development projects throughout the city.
The Development Projects Map contains a wealth of information, such as the location, status, history and design of all the projects. This includes information about the project’s applicant, application type and contact information.
“Roswell is committed to transparency and citizen interaction by sharing information with the public in a timely and engaging manner,” said Patrick Baber, geographic information systems manager. “The city receives frequent requests for information concerning developments within Roswell city limits. Generally, members of the public become aware of these projects only after clearing and construction have begun. With this tool, interested members of the public can obtain all the pertinent information regarding prominent development projects, and be presented with contact information for additional details.”
The map shows 39 projects currently planned or in development throughout Roswell. It is updated weekly. As a project’s status progresses – for example, from pending review to approved or under construction – its color on the map updates to appropriately reflect the changes.
Additionally, the map highlights and links to any Planning & Zoning public meetings for all relevant projects. Residents can then attend the meeting and raise any questions or concerns.
Baber said this allows residents to learn more about projects before the clearing and construction phases even begin.
The map was designed and developed over a period of four months by a Roswell staff team from the Engineering, Planning & Zoning, Community Relations and GIS divisions. It was created using the Esri “Story Map” platform.
“Currently, the Development Projects map is a standalone application, but future GIS tools may provide integration with yet more data and provide additional functionality for users,” Baber said. “The city has committed to a three-year upgrade of the map’s GIS capabilities.”
To see and use the new Roswell Development Projects map, visit

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