Saving our lives

ScrapRoom creator Blayne White perseveres in the name of preservation



Blayne White is a vivacious photography enthusiast and longtime professional photography studio owner (Whitelake won Best Photography Studio for 2014) who loves photos and the stories they tell of our lives. So it makes sense that she also has a passion for scrapbooks. That passion led her to create a new tool to make sure the cherished moments of our lives are captured and never lost to time.

“Telling our family’s stories – good and bad – is a way of not only remembering, but also learning as we go through this crazy life,” White explained. “It’s a way to slow down and appreciate what’s going on. You can call it scrapbooking, art journaling, therapy – it’s all our lives.”

While there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of digital photography, White believes that it’s changing how we view, save and share our photos.

“We used to drop a roll of film off at the lab, shop for an hour and pick up our prints,” she said. “Now, we post to the infinite universe of social media and never really ‘see’ our photos again.” White’s concern is validated by concerns brought to her by clients and fellow scrapbookers, who are trying to learn digital photography and all the technology that goes along with it.

“No one understands ‘the cloud,’” she said. “And we have no idea how to get our photos off our devices and back into our lives. Our moments and memories last for a few seconds on Twitter and are gone. I believe a generation of photos is about to be lost because we are all overwhelmed and think we’ll deal with it later – then a hard drive dies, a computer crashes, and poof – gone forever.”

From those conversations, an idea sparked that set White on a course she would have never considered before.

“I realized that there is really no real software that is created for how we want to store and share our photos,” White said. “I was stomping around the house one night and griped to my husband about this, and his response was, ‘Then why don’t you just do it yourself?’ I thought, ‘Well, that’s impossible, right?’ Turns out, it’s not!”

Even with the excitement of seeing a dream being realized, White admits the process of designing and developing the software was incredibly hard. She questioned herself every day.

“I went through three groups of developers – turning one down because they couldn’t see my vision. One we had to sue for taking our money and failing to deliver, and this last one – well, they got it done, but it was two years overdue,” she said. “Four years of my blood, sweat, tears and more than a few chosen bad words, ScrapRoom Software is finally launched.”

She is proud of her accomplishment, if a bit surprised.

“It’s patented, and the only all-in-one software written specifically for photo enthusiasts and scrapbookers, by a scrapper,” she said. “I am the first person in either of our families to get a patent – and certainly the only female entrepreneur.”

White isn’t resting on her laurels when it comes to ScrapRoom Software. She’s far from done.

“I have plans for a mobile app, to make recording your story much easier and spontaneous, as well as a photo organizational-only product that will be marketed more toward the photo enthusiast, rather than the scrapbooker,” she said.

Her zeal is inspiring. White is a woman on a mission.

“With ScrapRoom, I want to teach others how to organize their photos, get their stories written down – even if it’s just in the computer, and back up everything to save it for future generations,” she said.

In going after something that mattered deeply to her, White believes her product will change lives. But perhaps it’s by her perseverance that White, and so many around her, have already been changed.

“I want to be an example to my kids that you can stick with something and make it work, even when it’s so hard you want to quit,” she said. “And, this is something that is just for me. I worked with my husband for 20 years and felt the urge to do something that I knew, but that was totally my own.”

You can learn more about ScrapRoom here, in this short commercial:

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