Top Performers Have Similar Attributes



Are you achieving your business objectives and personal goals? Do you lead your company in performance? Have you ever thought about what makes a top performer successful? In my 30-plus years in the business world I have admired and learned from top performers, and have concluded that all of them have similar attributes.

The best performers in a company are often noted for their creativity, but more so for their accountability and the ability to get things done on time. They are responsive to requests, and tend to not let anything slip through the cracks. They also maintain a balance between their personal and business lives, as they realize that life indeed is not all about work.

Top performers are not only goal-oriented but also driven by performance metrics. They meticulously plan and measure their activity to improve their productivity and the effectiveness of what they do. Leaders of the pack are good listeners and team players, as they realize that internal relationships and understanding other’s perspectives is vital to maximizing performance.

Top performers take initiative, are adaptable to the changing environment, and always maintain a positive attitude when they are interacting with others. They are consistent in what they do and make these attributes a habit that continually propels their performance to the top. How do you stack up to these attributes? Adopting them and making them a reality will help improve your performance.

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