Addressing customer complaints



Are you getting a lot of complaints from your customers? Are these issues that happen over and over again? Are you responding to these complaints quickly? Have you got a process in place to help prevent future occurrences of the same complaints? Customer complaints are actually a valuable asset for helping you improve your small business.

Addressing customer complaints starts by providing your customers a vehicle to express their complaint, either verbally or by submitting a written complaint. Listen carefully to what your customers have to say and ask questions to ensure you are capturing the specifics about what they experienced.

Act quickly to address the complaint. If it can be fixed right then and there, take action and solve the problem. Apologize for the situation and thank the customer for letting you know. Always follow up to ensure that your resolution of the problem is acceptable with the customer.

Logging all customer complaints and categorizing the nature of them will help you formulate solutions to prevent these types of complaints from happening in the future. Determine the root cause of the complaint and take action to prevent, or at least minimize, the problem that created the complaint.

Last, but not least, train your employees to manage customer complaints. Teach them to be empathetic and encourage them to follow-up with the customer to ensure the complaint has been addressed. Addressing customer complaints in the right way, and preventing future occurrences, will help your small business be more successful.

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