AllCore360 implemented at Performance Sport and Spine



ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell’s Performance Sport and Spine will utilize a new core development system dubbed AllCore360 to benefit patients seeking to improve their core strength.

Based out of Alpharetta, AllCore360 is a patent-pending system that utilizes gravity to train all of the body’s core muscles in a three-dimensional, balances and coordinated fashion. The training system is done in ten minutes, three times a week.

Dedicated to improving health and fitness to reduce the risk of pain, illness and injury, Performance Sport and Spine is the first AllCore360 system in North Atlanta.

Dr. Timothy Gregory of the Performance Sport and Spine said, “I understand how important the core is to everything we do in our daily activities. This is unquestionably the first system I’ve seen that may improve the health and wellness of every single one of my clients, regardless of their current level of fitness or ability.”

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