Letter to the Editor

Animal exploitation is the reason circus is closing



Ray, I can appreciate your happy memories as a child visiting the circus. The circus is closing down because of the animal exploitation involved in “tiger taming” and “elephant training.”

Some 143 years ago, when Ringling started performing circuses, the concept of animal exploitation and abuse was unheard of. Now, as a society, we know better. It is not the humans performing tricks for entertainment that is disturbing, but animals “trained” to perform tricks for human amusement.

You may not be aware of the methods used to “train” animals - whipping, electric prods, etc.

Elephants are chained in garage-like enclosures and “trained” with bull hooks, striking them and causing pain.

That is why Ringling is closing. As a society, we now know better. They could easily continue to have a People Circus. These people can make their own choices to be a performer and not be whipped or hit with an electric prod when they do something wrong.

—Susan Bell, Milton

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