Attracting millennials using social media



Are you trying to attract the younger generation to your place of business? Do your marketing efforts produce the results you want? Attracting younger customers in today’s digital environment may require you to rethink how you are trying to communicate with them. If it’s through traditional methods, like sending flyers or print media, you may be wasting your time and money.

The younger generation, also known as Gen Y or millennials, requires a different approach than what may have worked for you in years past. Before the birth of the web and internet, marketers based their strategies on tried and true methods that worked well with baby boomers. Not any more.

The internet and mobile devices have changed the way younger customers get information. Close to 90 million millennials across the U.S., with close to $2.5 trillion of spending power, are gravitating to social media to get information and make buying decisions.

To market to this segment you need to have a presence on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, utilize blogs, have an on-line web site where purchases can easily be made, and give your younger customers the experience they are quickly getting used to and demanding.

This customer segment is not going to read flyers in their mailbox and rarely pick up print media. Establishing a social media presence will help you attract the younger generation, which is growing every day. And if you’re successful, as the segment grows, so will your business!

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