Attracting, retaining millennials



Do you have plans in place to recruit millennials to your small business? Have you thought through how you are going to attract this “Gen Y” type of talent? Baby boomers are retiring. In fact, over the next 5-10 years the United States will lose 30-40 percent of its workforce due to the retirement of this segment. If you don’t have plans to attract millennial talent, you may have difficulty staffing your business.

Attracting millennials requires a whole new approach. Big companies like IBM and Deloitte, are spending millions of dollars recruiting this segment. Getting in the game requires you to go where the millennials are. Running ads on Career Builder simply won’t cut it. Having a presence on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other social sites are much better places to attract millennials than traditional job search sites.

Your message to millennials also needs to be different. They value a work/life balance and enjoy spending time with family and friends. If you don’t position your company’s culture on this the right way, you won’t get many job applications. Boomers and Gen X employees wouldn’t ask for flextime until they were working for years. Today the Gen Y crowd demands this on day one.

Millennials want to be part of the action in the company, not some “gopher” that does all the menial tasks. Expressing to them that they will get plenty of face time and mentoring with management, and the opportunity to make a difference, will appeal to them.

Attracting millennials is key to ensuring your small business has a strong talent pool. Doing it the right way requires you understand this generation, what they expect, and how you can best deliver this.

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