Bring on 2018



I love New Year’s Eve.

I love watching the ball, or in Georgia, the peach, drop. I love everyone putting on their best glittery outfits. I love the pop of the champagne bottle.

And I love the feeling that is only found on New Year’s Eve.

That feeling is of hope and high expectations. The new year always brings a clean slate metaphorically, and with it seems to come happiness.

Everyone walks around saying, “new year, new me.” At first, I thought that sounded like a bad thing. Why do we wait until Dec. 31 every year to become a better person?

But I realized we can take what we’ve learned the past year and apply it to become a “new me” and a “better me.”

This year has been one to remember, good and bad. As a country we’ve gone through so much. I won’t sum it up because how can I even attempt to do that?

We’ve been shaken and beaten, had a nasty peek behind the curtain and are still recovering from many events that’ve taken place in 2017.

I don’t want to continue to dwell on the negativity we’ve experienced the past few months, but instead keep the hopeful frame of mind this time of year brings.

So I am ready to say goodbye to this year, just like I usually am most years.

For 365 days, 2017 has run its course and I’m sure many are ready to put it behind them.

Personally, this year has had its ups and down both professionally and personally.

This is the year I was named the Emerging Journalist by the Georgia Press Association, and what an honor that is.

But what that means is the future can only be brighter with more opportunities. I’m prepared and excited for that.

In my personal life, I’m looking forward to the optimism and anticipation the holiday brings. I’m thinking 2018 will be a pretty great year because I will learn from experiences in 2017.

Like the saying goes, throw around kindness like confetti. I plan on doing just that this year and I’m hoping a few glittery flakes will stay long after the bottles are cleaned up and the sparklers have extinguished.

I’m hoping we can take that feeling of joy and eagerness with us well past midnight and make 2018 a pretty great year to be alive.

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