Consider hiring athletes for sales positions



Are you looking to add sales positions to your small business to help you grow your revenue? Are you wondering what the best criteria are for identifying the best sales people in the marketplace? Having hired, trained, mentored and coached hundreds of sales professionals in my career, the best sales reps I’ve ever had were athletes.

Now you may ask why athletes make good sales professionals, and the answer is quite simple. Athletes have attributes associated with them that are almost identical to the attributes you want with sales professionals. For starters, athletes are self-disciplined. They also possess incredible organizational skills. Having the self-discipline and organizational skills to build relationships, surface new business opportunities, and close business is very similar to their history of practicing and preparing for a game, event or a match in the sport they played.

Another critical element in successful sales professionals is their competitiveness. They need to have a will to always win, with a relentless and self-motivated attitude that they can. Athletes have the same core foundation. Whether they played individual or team sports, they demonstrated over and over again that they were competitive.

Athletes who actually played team sports are an even a better choice. Most small businesses don’t operate well without seamless teamwork. Hiring an athlete for a sales position who has a history of playing team sports will almost guarantee they will fit in and be a team player with their peers and other employees.

If you are looking to hire good sales professionals, look no further on their resume than the sports activities that they have done in the past. You can’t go wrong hiring an athlete for sales positions in your small business.

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