Letter to the Editor

Human greed versus Mother Nature



Thank you for your insightful and forward thinking article “Coyote Ugly.” Many people are unaware that the coyote is not native to the southeastern United States. The USDA introduced the Coyote in the early 70’s as a means of controlling the deer (which are native) population from destroying farm crops. The coyote have adapted and habituated quite nicely and are prolific breeders. We now have a problem with deer and coyote!

All of this, because of human greed... cities and developers who continue to rip out every square inch of natural land and habitat in order to build bigger, faster and collect more taxes. Where are animals supposed to live? Humans are now paying the price for ignorance, greed and arrogance.

Culling the deer population by introducing the coyote didn’t work and neither will this barbaric, backwards said method of allowing hunters to kill animals to “thin the herd.”

What’s next? Wolves? Mountain lions? Bears? We should have found a better way to work with our natural deer population. Man is his own worst enemy. Let Mother Nature do her job and leave well enough alone.

– Tommie L. Swank, Johns Creek

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