Letter to the Editor

Laws protecting human life



I read “What I want my daughters to know,” (February 9 Alpharetta-Roswell Herald), and thought there were several good points in it.
I would like to offer a differing opinion to the statements “no government should ever have a say over your choice to have or not to have children” and “you deserve to have full control of your body and what happens to it at all times.”
While I understand concerns over privacy and government control, I don’t agree that a person has the right to do whatever she wants to her body at all times when it affects another human life who also has rights and that the woman’s rights supersedes the child’s right to live.
It’s not a privacy issue because abortion affects another person. Some believe abortion is wrong but because someone’s body is her own, people shouldn’t tell others what they can/can’t do with their bodies. Should personal choices that severely harm or kill others be tolerated?
Ownership, even of one’s body, doesn’t justify the right to kill another person living in that body.
Is it OK to objectify a human and treat the life in the womb as property?
The government creates laws to protect human life. That’s why we have anti-slavery laws, seat belt laws and laws against murder.
For those who deny it’s taking a life (that it’s a medical procedure and not a life with rights until it’s born) please review the science. At the moment of fertilization there is a developing, alive human life in the womb.
Just because that life cannot speak out and defend itself, or even if that life is unwanted, doesn’t make it any less a life or less entitled to government protection and the right to life.
—Christine Kujawski, Alpharetta

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