London man claims held captive 3 weeks



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A London man who said he was being held captive in a Johns Creek house for three weeks has now safely returned overseas – but is not pressing charges.

The London man, a 41-year-old musician, told Johns Creek Police he had traveled to America in early March to meet with a 41-year-old Johns Creek man he met over Instagram.

Through the app, the man convinced the musician that he was affiliated with a local music production company and could provide him with work. He would allow the musician to live and work out of his home in an affluent Johns Creek suburb.

However, once the musician arrived, he quickly found himself kept in the house against his will.

According to the musician, the man, the homeowner, would not let the musician leave the house.

The musician said he was threatened, cursed and called derogatory names. He was given no music work to do.

He alleged that the homeowner threatened to kill him several times, but at no point was the Londoner physically assaulted, according to the incident report.

At one point during the stay, the homeowner took the musician’s belongings and passport and would not return them.

After about three weeks, the musician was finally able to escape with the help of an acquaintance who took him to Norcross where he contacted police to report the incident.

The musician said that he was not harmed and did not want to prosecute. He just wanted his belongings and passport back and to go back to England.

Police escorted him to the Johns Creek home, where his possessions were returned, and he then left the country.

—Julia Grochowski

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