Man arrested for pepper spraying cyclist



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A man was arrested March 4 after he apparently pepper sprayed a cyclist because he was angry the group of bikers was taking up a lot of the road.

The cyclist said the 51-year-old driver passed the group of bikers, almost clipping them, as they were cycling on Bentley Road. The 54-year-old cyclist said he flipped off the driver.

After passing, the driver apparently separated the group of bikers intentionally. The driver then pulled over and waited for the rest of the bikers and yelled profanities at them. A cyclist rode up and told the man he needed to learn the laws of the road, which led to an argument with other bikers joining in. The driver then got out of his car wanting to fight a cyclist, when one of the bikers got pepper sprayed trying to break up the fight.

The driver showed deputies a video he took of the incident which reinforced the bikers’ account.

The man was arrested for battery against the cyclist he pepper sprayed.

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