Man discovers $11K in credit fraud



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — On Dec. 27, a man reported to police that his identity had been stolen and used to charge over $11,000 to multiple accounts.

The man first became aware of the problem in early December when he attempted to open a credit card account and was declined due to two fraudulent accounts linked to him that were overdue. These accounts were opened using his personal information, including his Social Security number.

He later received a $1,500 bill from a company for the lease of Square credit card readers that had an account listing the man’s name for a fake company and unknown Johns Creek address.

When the man pulled his credit report, he found a fraudulent revolving line of credit opened under his name in Florida. The report said that over $10,000 had been charged to the fake account.

When the man attempted to initiate a fraud investigation with that company, he said that they refused to release any information to the man.

Police told the man to freeze his credit and to contest the fraudulent accounts.

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