Johns Creek mayor candidate profile:

Marchetti vows to put ‘residents first’



Alex Marchetti is jumping into the mayor’s race with no political experience, but he says he will rely on his business acumen to lead the city in a new direction.

His major plank will be “putting residents first,” something he says the city has failed to do.

Age: 67

Family: Wife, Robin, daughter and two grandchildren

Education: MBA – Keller Graduate School, BA – University of Illinois, financial licenses, QMS Auditor

Occupation: Business executive


What are your reasons for entering this race?

I have been a Johns Creek resident long before its formation nearly 11 years ago. I celebrated our independence from Fulton County. I was inspired by the city and the sense of solidarity and passion our residents had to build a community for families, friends and businesses.

We supported elected officials, handing them the authority to plan and develop an exceptional place for us to live in harmony and enjoy the wonderfully diverse community cultures.

It is clear that our leader has mismanaged traffic, high-density development, contract administration and taken us down a road without vision, leading nowhere. Yesterday, it was to be a Buckhead, today it is maybe Suwanee, maybe Duluth.

Eleven years without clear vision has left residents frustrated and asking for a mayor who can get us back on course.

I will restore a “Residents First” policy for the citizens and fulfill our original vision.

What qualifications, experience or skills make you the best choice for this seat?

I am not a career politician but a successful businessman focused on creating and providing customers with the best products and services available at the right time and price.

I have managed start-ups, mergers, acquisitions and budgets of $100 million, while building high-performance teams to run effective, profitable businesses.

Johns Creek has matured without developing proper management systems, contract administration, financial plan, land development or traffic strategy.

I have the experience to bring in organizational maturity.

I will bring common sense, integrity and fiscal responsibility to a city in need of a strong, competent and effective leader.

What do you see as the most important issue before the city to solve first?

Residents First - The city is without a united sense of belonging.

Residents are opposed to the direction our leader has chosen. They are frustrated with our leader’s deaf ear to their efforts to share fresh ideas.

Communication is blocked and disregarded without the recourse or documented protocols.

Putting us back on track requires an effective leader who can inspire and unite rather than divide – bring residents’ diverse cultures and ideas under one community we can all participate and enjoy.

This is leadership, a skill I have mastered and want to create in Johns Creek. It is time to unite for change to address these top issues:

  • CH2MHill contract
  • Road widening/traffic solutions
  • Budget
  • Comprehensive Plan

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