Marine accidentally shoots gun into home



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — An off-duty Marine was shooting a gun with friends near Croy Pond May 3 when they accidentally shot inside of a nearby home.

The three men were shooting three types of guns, one being a rifle, near the pond on Clarke Lane and Riley Road.

Neighbors in a home off Riley Road called the sheriff’s office after a family member heard a loud bang in the kitchen. She said she went into the kitchen and found a Coke bottle leaking and shattered glass. The family also discovered a hole in the wall and found pieces of fragmentation of a projectile. A deputy confirmed the fragments were of the same caliber used in one of the men’s guns.

Additionally, one of the daughters said she and a friend witnessed a bullet hitting the water near to where they were sitting.

The Marine claimed ownership of the gun that shot into the home but denied shooting near the water and said they were shooting in the opposite direction from the home.

There was no arrest because the deputy was unable to place the rifle definitely in the hands of the men.

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