New Life: Images of Spring

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R. Alexander presents New Life, the upcoming group exhibition featuring images of Spring. On view will be works by artists including Oleg Ardimasov, Ana Moran, Noah Desmond, and Barrett Edwards, all of whom invite viewers into their natural surroundings. The “new life” of Spring unfolds in many shapes and colors, and each artist captures the rejuvenation of the earth in a unique manner. The show will be on display at R. Alexander from April 28th to May 20th, 2017. Come view our sculpture garden as well!

Russian artist Oleg Ardimasov exhibits a wide array of pristine landscapes and colorful Spring flowers vibrantly blooming. His meticulously developed style showcases his signature blend of Realism with Impressionism, which heightens the sensation of nature’s beauty and the transience of the seasons.

Spanish artist Ana Moran explores the connection between nature and the unseen. Her abstract paintings layer color, form and light offer to a deeper metaphor for life: what is not on the surface is not all there is to be seen, just as Spring’s flowers are only a fraction of earth’s growing cycle. Each canvas is a vast pool of experience- the surface glistens and radiates, but the discernable depths draw in the viewer to simultaneously enchant and mystify.

In contrast to realistic depictions of Spring, painter Noah Desmond presents abstracted representations of the emotions elicited by experiencing nature. His energetic landscapes are intensified by his use of both a brush and palette knife to create layers of textured florals and landscapes. Instead of presenting viewers with what he is viewing outside, he presents us with impassioned interpretations of how it feels to physically be in these environments.

Whether depicted realistically or abstractly, these artists invite viewers into their natural settings to experience the new life of Spring. The cyclical nature of art inherently lends itself to the constant changes in the world. Just like the sunlight is regenerated with each new day, so too are artists presenting innovative ways to share their passion for Spring.

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