North Fulton Community Charities challenges you to have the courage to care



In a crisis, what would it take for you to care enough to take action, be a part of the solution, to not look away?

Consider this: If you saw a person in clear physical distress, in an accident or a burning building, at what point would it move you to have the courage to do something?

A common answer would be, “it depends.” You might say it depends on how close you are to the situation, how easy is it for you to help, what’s the possible cost or harm to you in providing help? Regardless, in some way it would take courage... meaning the motivation to act or intervene in a situation that presents an uncomfortable challenge. Remember that term “uncomfortable challenge,” there will be more on that later.

What if the answers to your personal courage quiz were that the cost of acting is as small as a weekly decaf latte, one to two rounds of golf or insert your favorite carefree indulgence here? I’d bet that if the bar were that low, not only would you have the personal courage to be a “first responder” in this hypothetical crisis, but you’d enlist a number of your friends and family to also help.

What if I told you that hunger and homelessness is such a crisis? Does that change the urgency or your commitment to act?

As the new president of the Board of Directors of North Fulton Community Charities, I’m both excited and anxious about the road ahead for our community. The growth and development throughout North Fulton is refreshing, symbolic of general prosperity and economic recovery.

Yet frequently you’ll also come face to face with the not-so-pretty picture of homelessness and hunger in this very same community. That’s right, not some distant city or town, but there’s housing and food hardship right here where you live, shop, play and worship. Housing and food distress in our community should matter to you personally. It’s more likely than you would imagine that someone close to you (family, friend, neighbor or co-worker) will find themselves in a situation where they would need the services we provide at NFCC. A temporary or crisis-driven insufficiency will effect between 1 in 15 to 1 in 20 individuals in their lifetime.

It’s not that farfetched for an unexpected layoff and a medical catastrophe, like a cancer diagnosis or car accident, to change your circumstances in an instant. Who knew health care could cost so much? It’s completely hypothetical until it happens to people you know, a relative, or you. That’s the quiet crisis in our midst... the “uncomfortable challenge.”

So over the next year, we at NFCC challenge you to have the courage to care. Respond with a commitment to act. Simply browse to our website and set up a recurring donation equivalent to a weekly latte toward our mission of self-sufficient families. The strength of your community depends on it. It depends on you.

Stan Little was elected North Fulton Community Charities president in April.

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