Organization, self-discipline & perseverance



As a small business owner do you perform your daily tasks and activities in an organized manner? Do you have the self-discipline to get things done? If at first you don’t succeed, do you try again? I learned from successful small business leaders that while planning and execution are important, success is achieved through organization, self-discipline and perseverance.

Being organized is at the top of the list to being successful. Winging it and performing random tasks and activities that have no rhyme or reason is often the “kiss of death” of a small business. If you’re not organized and meticulous about how you plan your work and work your plan, you will have a hard time being successful.

Once you’re organized, self-discipline comes into play. You may have a lot on your plate, such as a major project to complete, and the only way to get things accomplished is with self-discipline. Being steadfast in doing something, despite the difficulty, often is the difference between success and failure.

And finally, your level of perseverance has to be sky high. Successful business leaders like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and many, many others will tell you that it wasn’t their ideas or work ethic that made them successful; they just wouldn’t take “no” as an answer.

If you are trying to be successful as a small business owner, make sure you are very organized, have a high level of self-discipline, and an attitude that anything is possible.

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