Picking the best marketing media



What kind of media are you using to market your small business? Are you getting the results you anticipated? Have you wondered whether other media channels would be more effective? Marketing your small business is essential to attracting new customers, and selecting the best media channels is an important component of getting your message out.

There are four basic marketing medias:

• Print media such as newspapers, magazines and flyers

• Broadcast media such as radio and television

• Outdoor media such as billboards and signs

• Digital media such as websites, email and social sites

While there are seemingly an infinite number of media channels, you probably don’t have infinite time or money to utilize every one. So how do you decide which ones to use?

The best starting point for selecting your marketing media is to determine who you want to reach and, more specifically, what media your target audience is most likely to see. Asking your current customers what they would prefer is a good starting point. Are they more inclined to read the local paper, tune into local radio shows or notice outdoor ads? Are they using social media and, if so, which ones?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can then assess the cost and potential “reach” you will receive, and select the media channels that give you the highest potential of getting your marketing messages seen. Selecting the best marketing media will strengthen your marketing effectiveness, and also increase the visibility of your small business to new customers.

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