Seeking Peach State fans



Whether you just moved here or are a native Georgian, you probably know Peach State residents have a lot of pride in their state.

We love telling people how great our state is, but just don’t ask us about our Atlanta sports teams.

So when I received a letter a few weeks ago from a middle school student in Indiana, I knew our readers would be more than happy to help.

The student, Blake, said his class was currently reading, “The Watsons Go to Birmingham.” The students were charged with contacting newspapers across the country in whatever state they wanted as part of a class project.

Clearly Blake chose the Herald newspapers, he said, “Because I have cousins who live (in Georgia) and visited them last year. I would like to revisit them and make some stops around your area and state.”

Now, being in the South we sometimes get flack for various issues and are often stereotyped pretty negatively and harshly. So when he reached out to me, I jumped on the chance to help him and to portray our state in a more positive light. He has asked the readers to please write to him and tell him why you all like Georgia, including interesting facts about the state and fun activities visitors can do here.

I posted on my personal social media asking what my local friends enjoy about our state.

One friend said our state is interesting because our terrain varies so widely from mountains, to beaches, swamps to rolling farm land and small towns to towering cities, all within a few hours’ drive of each other. One can stand atop the highest point in Georgia in the morning, and drive to the beach by evening for a sunset party.

She of course added that you must be sure to take in, aside from all of the beautiful sights, the smiles, sweet tea and southern charm from people from all walks of life. I might add grits to that list because they are a must-have staple in many Georgians’ diets, and they are delicious.

Other friends listed facts including the fact that we have the largest aquarium in North America. North Georgia has Tallulah Gorge, another friend wrote, which is like a mini Grand Canyon.

We are also known for our music scene and are really starting to become a big name in the movie industry.

Another person said she thinks the slogan, “Atlanta is the city too busy to hate,” was a good representation of our city.

I have to agree with all of my friends. I have lived in Georgia since I was a toddler, but I claim it as my home state for many reasons.

Everything seems to move slower down here, but in the best possible way. We are happy and friendly, of course. It must be all the beautiful weather and sunshine we get to enjoy.

But we are also pretty funny. If you’ve ever heard a native southerner talk in our slang, you’ll be in for quite an adventure.

There are an endless amount of attractions to visit here, from the World of Coca-Cola to historic Civil Rights sites to Centennial Olympic Park where the 1996 Olympics took place.

I’m sure I’m missing plenty of things to do. So please, write back to Blake and his teacher. I’m sure he’d appreciate every letter he receives. Let’s show him some of our famous southern hospitality.

So come on down, Blake. We’d be happy to meet you and show you around our neck of the woods. We thank y’all kindly for being interested in the glorious Peach State.

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