Smart phone apps improve productivity



Are you using mobile applications in your small business? Are your employees armed with mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets that help them get their jobs done? Using software designed to run on a mobile device can have a significant impact on the productivity in your small business.

In 2011, for the first time ever, sales of mobile devices outpaced computers. Even more astounding is that people are now spending more time using mobile apps than internet browsers. Wonder why? They can get information at their fingertips anywhere at any time. Whether it’s using common applications like email, maps or calendar, or business apps like Salesforce Mobile or Constant Contact Quickview, using mobile applications saves time and improves productivity.

As traditional computers go the way of typewriters, mobile devices and the millions of applications that can be used on them, are taking their place. Apple app downloads just exceeded 140 billion last year. Business applications are being used more and more today and the trend is growing each year. Small businesses are tapping into mobile apps to process credit card transactions, collect email addresses for marketing, share files, manage social media sites, and thousands of other business applications. Two out of three small businesses in the United States are using mobile devices for business purposes.

Mobile apps allow employees to use company data without being tied to a single location, and can help them keep in touch, be productive and make much better use of company resources.

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