Sorry to be ungrateful…



Well some people will think I’m crazy, but I’m a not afraid to admit: I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving, never have been.

The endless day of cooking and cleaning for a meal that lasts about 30 minutes does not get me all excited. Plus, half the items cooked (mostly vegetables) I don’t even like!

One year, we decided to visit family in Florida. All I wanted to do was sit at the beach. But I spent most of the vacation either at the grocery story, cooking or cleaning…not at the beach. Instead of perspiring in the hot sun, I was sweating in a hot kitchen!

The next year I had family come to my house (small group of 20). Five of them were an hour and half late for dinner and left in the middle of dinner to hit the Black Friday sales, only to return with Tupperware to put leftovers in after I had already cleaned up and put everything away. Then they requested I serve them dessert!

Another year, I thought it would be great to go to the mountains and stay at a resort that has one of those giant Thanksgiving buffets. Well that was a bust. The food was awful, way too many different smells in one room and way too many people.

No idea what I’ll do this year for the holiday. My newly married (Nov 3rd) daughter wants me to come to her house in Virginia and cook her turkey for her…not sure that’s in the plan. No offense to her. She has a really cute house, but her oven just doesn’t really work like mine.

I do love leftover turkey sandwiches, though. Those are the best!

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