Woman shoots dog after it attacks pet



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A woman shot her neighbor’s pet recently after her dog was attacked.

The woman said the dog came into her yard off Medlock Road Nov. 23 and she heard her dog yelping. She opened the front door and saw the neighbor’s dog attacking hers so she tried yelling at the animal and hitting it with a stick. The dog refused to let go of her pet’s leg, so her grandson grabbed a 2-by-4 and began hitting the dog, but it still held firm.

The woman then came back with her pistol and shot twice under the house at the dog. It immediately let go and went back to its property. She said she was unsure if she hit the dog.

The owner of the injured dog took it to the vet because it was bleeding badly. He went over to his neighbor’s house and began yelling at her and said she killed his dog.

The woman’s dog had visible injuries to its neck and legs.

The man was told to stay off the woman’s property.

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